Domain Name Prices
The cheapest around with no hidden charges/taxes can offer you fast registration of your domain names at the following low prices all inclusive,,, .uk£ 19.95
.com, .org£ 34.95
.info, .net, .biz£ 39.95,£ 57.45,,,,£ 79.95*
.tv£ 94.95
.gg, .je£ 97.45
.cc£ 98.98£ 109.95
Our operators are standing by to take your call and we accept all major credit and debit cards.

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* The above domain suffix's marked by an asterix involve a private, non-national, registrar which imposes slightly different terms and conditions involving name ownership. To register a name with one of these suffix's please make sure you are aware of these conditions by viewing them here.

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major cards accepted