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CInames.com is the first specialist domain registration service based in the Channel Islands dedicated to offering Channel Islanders the cheapest Internet domain registration prices possible, together with a fast, easy to use and informative service.

Over the last five years the world wide web has expanded at an amazing rate and it's easy to understand why. When you register a web address you'll automatically join over 3.5 million other users who are taking advantage of the added status registration brings. An Internet domain name is more than just an address, it's your Internet identification, brand or trade mark setting you aside from your competitors. It places you on the map together with all the other forward thinking companies, opening your business to millions upon millions of users world wide.

The Internet is here to stay and will play an ever increasing part in our every day lives as society learns to utilise it to it's full capacity. Even if at present you have no intention of using a domain name but would like your own name or a particular name for future use you should reserve it now by registering it as soon as possible. You don't even have to own a computer of your own.
Utilising our experience in web application development and knowledge of the workings of the Internet has enabled us to offer an advanced name registration service to Locals at the lowest cost anywhere in the Channel Islands. Along with our unique tax position, which means we do not have to charge any form of sales tax [such as VAT], you won't find a cheaper or easier service elsewhere.

Winner of Guernsey's 2000 e-business award our staff are trained in all the various procedures necessary to register the variety of names we offer and can provide up-to-date information on registration procedures around the world. We are always on the look-out for new ways of lowering our costs and passing the savings on to you, the customer, along with constant research on ways in which we can improve our service.

 When you register with Cinames.com you have the added assurance that your name is being looked after by a company whose parent organisation specialises in Internet and software development. As a division of Second Generation Software Limited we can draw upon technical expertise and support when required and the whole CInames.com system runs on their server infrastructure located right here in the Channel Islands.

CInames.com is here to help you with every single detail of registration. Should you have any other name requirements such as bulk registration or registration of other country specific names [fr., .de etc.] please call any member of our team who will be most happy to discuss your request. Athough we do not directly offer services such as web site design or hosting we can strongly recommend Byte Art and webslingers who can advise you further on these options.

 The domain names industry has changed rapidly over the last few years and we can expect to see continued developments in the future. Whatever the outcome you can rely on CInames.com to stay ahead of the game and continue to offer the best service at the lowest prices.
The Channel Islands, July 2024.

Contact details: ( 01534 ) 515 414 Jersey, ( 01481 ) 711 799 Guernsey

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